Our Expertise

WebSite Create


Internet-based information dissemination is indispensable in modern corporate and organizational activities.
In addition to regular visits to support content planning, we provide security support including log analysis and pseudo-attacks, as well as access analysis and management consulting to help our clients manage their websites safely and effectively.


Pamphlet Create


A pamphlet or booklet that allows the reader to flip through the paper and take their time with the content allows the words and intentions to be conveyed slowly, deeply and repeatedly to the reader.
We provide a full range of services from planning and composition to output, including interviews, photography, and the creation of tables and illustrations for the content of the book.

Movie & Photo Create


We offer panoramic photography for product images and 3D tours, as well as original photography using models, both on location and in studio.
We can also provide total video production for websites, presentations, and DVDs, from planning, shooting, editing, narration, background music, to complete package delivery.


Presentation Support


Presentations are very different from advertisements in terms of the depth of what is communicated. In order to express the thoughts and information that you want to convey in an easy-to-understand and concise manner, we will propose a plan while communicating with you about everything from conceptual organization to data representation.
We offer fund-raising seminars and human resource development and skill improvement training related to community and public service activities to help improve your sales force.

Design & Illustration


A company's logo is the face of the company, and it determines the company's image not only through its website and catalog, but also through its business cards, clothing, novelty goods, and other products.
We can help you improve your company's total image by creating not only a logo but also image characters and illustrations.

Brochure & Poster


Public relations is very important in corporate activities to communicate business activities and products in an easy-to-understand manner.
In particular, paper media such as posters, flyers, and direct mails, which are directly seen by consumers, have a great visual effect on the image of a company.
Our company aims to maximize the effect of print media PR through planning and production.